Shakeology Recipes

At the beginning of March I knew I needed to make a change.  I was so run down even with lots of coffee and lots of energy drinks per day.  A friend told me about a challenge group where you commit to working out 30 minutes a day for 21 days while eating healthy and drinking one Shakeology per day.

I was pretty skeptical of the Shakeology, but since they offered a refund if I didn’t like I thought I could at least try it.  After just a few days I noticed my cravings gone. The need for Energy Drinks and even Coffee had vanished! My skin cleared up and my nails never looked better.  I could not believe it! I loved the results I was getting so much I ended up continuing working out and drinking Shakeology even after the challenge group was over.  In 21 days I lost 7 pounds and 16 inches.

Below are a couple of my favorite recipes using Shakeology, but my favorite part was that I could just drink it with water and ice if I was short on time.

You can find more info here about Shakeology and if you are interested in a challenge group email me at inspired simply at gmail dot com I will be honest – it is not cheap, but when you factor in that I haven’t had a Red Bull since February, I am off of all of my prescriptions, and have more energy to love on my family it pays for itself and then some. :)


 Peppermint Mocha “Frappe”

* 1 scoop of Chocolate Shakeology

* 8 ounces of black coffee, cooled

* 1 packet of stevia

* 2-3 DROPS of peppermint extract

* 6-8 ice cubes


Strawberry Lemonade

* 1 Scoop of Strawberry Shakeology

* 1 TBS of Lemon Juice,

* 1 tsp of pure Maple Syrup

* 8 ounces of water

* 6-8 ice cubes


Strawberry Chocolate Peanut Butter

*1 scoop of Strawberry Shakeology

* 2 tsp of Chocolate PB2

* 8 ounces of water

* 6-8 ice cubes




Green Monster Smoothie

* 1 scoop of Strawberry Shakeology

* 1/2 banana

* green container of spinach

* 2 tsp of PB2

* 8 ounces of water

* 6-8 cubes of ice






You will be most remembered by what brought you the most joy.

I will be remembered most for what brought me the most joy.

What will they remember?

Joy in the Lord?

Joy in my comfort?

Joy in their obedience?

Joy in a clean floor?

Joy in the gifts?

Joy in the giver?

Will they see joy in the mourning?

Will they see me fighting the good fight?

Will they see me singing in the evening?

Will they see me rejoice in hope?


And one day when they are in the valley I pray that they would {remember}


When you can’t see the {beauty} in the mess…

..or even a glimmer of hope in the darkness.

When you can’t imagine how these momentary afflictions are preparing you for a weight of eternal glory any more than you can imagine what you are making for dinner tonight.

When you don’t want to read that one of the primary purposes of being shaken by suffering is to make our faith more unshakeable.

When you can’t understand how this can work for your good.

When trials come wave after wave and you can’t swim, you can barely breathe.

When you are tired of being still and waiting.

When you feel like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between anger, guilt, condemnation, self-pity, anger, self-pity.

When you are afraid that you won’t hear His voice.

Be reminded: {and remind me}

God’s writing your story

and He never leaves you alone in your story,

and His perfect love absorbs all your fear

and His perfect grace carries all your burdens,

and your story is a happily ever after

because Christ bought your happily ever after

so you always know how this story ends:

You’re going to be okay.

“Our bad things turn out for good. Our good things can never be lost. And the best things are yet to come.” – Keller




you’ll be the song that’s in my heart

I saw the sun set over Nova Scotia and rise over Ireland. In the span of six hours

It was one of the more amazing and beautiful things I have ever seen. Completely magnificent and so kind of God.

And its still yesterday.






856 days ago I opened a Christmas gift from my husband. Things were super strapped with our finances so we had a $25 budget. I also was super sick – pregnant with our 4th little one, suffering with a bad case of hypermesis. I had to be careful because the IV had to be in my hand because there was nowhere left to poke in my arms. The kids were all giggles because they had helped him search high and low for my gift.

A piggy bank – a pink one. Underneath was a small book. “Top 25 Things to do in Paris.” I smiled and just looked at Kyle. He told me that day we were going to make it happen.
And we did. Slowly but surely. Scrimped and saved. Lots of coins, lots.
Then when I turned 30, a surprise birthday party. My gifts were monies to put towards this trip. It was a lot, enough to pay for the flat we are on our way to right now. :)
When the economy was tanking, Kyle got a promotion at his job. And then a bonus. Can you believe it?
Honestly, I just want everyone reading this to know how much I appreciate how you have loved us and dreamed with us. It’s made it that much sweeter.
I get to go to Paris with my best friend. :)

au revior


Lucky 13


Dear Jacob,

Well the day you have been waiting for is finally here!  It has been an amazing year.  I think the one with the most growth inside and out.  I bet if we stood side by side you probably would be taller then me today.  :)

On to the mushy stuff. There are so many things that I think back on and think, “I’m not sure I could have done that if Jacob hadn’t have helped me the way that he did.”  From serving at Redeemer to watching the kiddos while mom and dad worked hard on the house or helping me paint our bedroom that night in fifteen minutes!  From helping me pack or moving or learning how to plug in microphones on a Sunday morning.  I don’t say it enough ~ thank you.

Thank you for the way you pour out your life.  Thank you for the way you live your life, it is an example to me. Thank you for living it the same way at home as you do outside the home.  When I look and see you holding Emery or taking care of other kids at Redeemer, I just smile because I know and see you trying to work on your relationships at home when no one is looking. When you feel like you are messing up a lot don’t be discouraged, it is just another time for the gospel to be on display in your life and that is more encouraging to your parents then you doing everything right and being perfect.

The way you are humble and seek to change when mom or dad point out sin or you are convicted by the Holy Spirit in your life blows me away. Thank you for being real and hashing it out with us when you don’t agree or don’t understand how or why something you are doing is wrong or when you think we are wrong.  The way you are gracious and forgive us when we make mistakes is incredible and a gift that I am grateful for.

I love seeing the fruit of your hard work in basketball and football. It is paying off and so fun to watch! I love watching you be silly and you funny jokes and all of your “Did you know the Jaguars….”   I can’t believe I get to be your mom and your friend. I can’t wait to see what this year will be like with the ups and downs of teenage life. I don’t claim to know exactly how to do this, but I’m confident God will be with us and help us.  :)

Mom and dad are proud of you and love you.

Here’s to no more free cookies at Publix, ordering your own food, and to make this the year to “Do Hard Things.”







Dear Joey,

If you are reading this, I want you to know how much joy you bring everyone around you. Your laughter is literally contagious. (when you laugh everyone else can’t help but start laughing)

You have grown up to be and amazing kid. You are a hard worker and I hope you see that your hard work is paying off.  I am so proud of how you are doing in school and how you learned to ride a bike in one day!  You worked hard to run a mile really fast and your kapernicking skills are pretty incredible.

I am excited to see how your relationship with your brother and your sisters is growing.  I love watching you be best buds with Jacob and grow to enjoy spending time with your sisters.  :) It is awesome to see you reading stories to your sister whenever she will sit still.

It is fun to watch you dream about visiting Jacob while he is in college and doing his laundry and cooking for him while he does his homework. I love that you are dreaming of going to college for science and living in a dorm and thinking it will be fun to have a roommate that you have just met.

I love watching you serve and make great friends at Redeemer.  I love how you are learning how to make it your church and not just your mom and dads. Praying that you continue to grow and that you will see that Jesus is not just your mommy and daddy’s Savior, but yours as well.

Mommy and daddy love you so much and are so grateful for who you are and that we get to be your mom and dad. You have taught us so much and we are so excited to celebrate with you today!

May the force be with you,




2014 goals on digital tablet


Unplug from Instagram and Facebook for the month of January.  To refocus and get into a routine and schedule with the spring semester and sports starting.  Journaling to document what is happening on a daily basis.  :)

Write 2 blog posts per month

Finish 1000 gifts list

Invest in my children (more on that later)

Plan and implement 1 family night per month

Exercise at the YMCA 2 x per week

Continue to make and stick to a monthly budget

Pursue romance and friendship with my husband (more on that later)

4.0 for the spring semester

Read 4 non-school related books

Implement household cleaning routine and meal planning (started this at the beginning of the school year and it has worked wonders)

Words of 2014: Encourage and focused


IMG_0661After 26 hours of labor the Lord blessed your daddy and I with a new song.

Brianna Melodye, you really are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen inside and out. You are an amazing sister who loves your siblings and parents even when we make it really hard sometimes.  :) I love how now Selah looks at you and says, “Beranna, you are my best friend.”

I am blown away by your cooking and baking skills and love being a taste tester for you.  I will work in your cup cake shop anytime!

I am amazed at how much your heart has grown to serve in our home and how joyfully you do it. I love watching you write songs with Joey and try to beat Jacob at chess.

I hope today is the best birthday you have ever had and I am so excited that I get to share it with you. You are my answer to prayer and I love you dearly.

Happy birthday to my Breezy. I am really excited to see all that’s in store for you this year.