Don’t Blink Too Fast

100_4679It’s amazing how the time just flies by ~

The last time I blinked I was planning our Thanksgiving menu and in less than 24 hours our little Davis Clan will have celebrated our family Christmas and be on our way to North Carolina to spend some time with Kyle’s family.

Even amidst the hustle and bustle one thing has radiated loud and clear in my heart.

Joy and peace. Immense joy that being a wife and mom brings, but even more an immense joy that this baby born at Christmas time came so that I can have peace with God!

2008 has been like hiking through a mountain range.  Lots of high mountain peaks and deep, dark valleys.  Thankfully there is a grace and a “never stopping, unchanging” love that has been lavished on me to where I can look back and celebrate with joy what I have seen with my own eyes God accomplish in my life. I pray that all of you are able to do the same. To celebrate this Christmas God coming as man, but also celebrate why He came and the immense gift that truly is.

Merry Christmas!!!



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