They’re My Cousins Too?!?

Noah - 8 Joseph - 2 Brianna - 5 Ethan - 6 Jacob - 7 Mason -4

Noah - 8 Joseph - 2 Brianna - 5 Ethan - 6 Jacob - 7 Mason -4

Cousins are such a fun thing.  Kyle and I both have memories of spending lots of time with ours when we were little.  Memories of exploring the creek, sleeping on pallets on the floor at Mamaw and Papaw’s, and getting into all kinds of trouble.  🙂 This year for Christmas we got to watch our own children enjoy spending time with their cousins.  At Pop and Sugar’s house this year their six grandchildren are staying for Christmas for the first time ever.  They are “having a ball!”  It’s 9:45 p.m. and the boys are still whispering and laughing on the their pallet in their room.  It seems like everything they do together is a photo op.  Our first day I was asking Brianna if she was having fun (she is outnumbered 5-1) and she said, ” I am having so much fun playing with Jacob’s cousins!”  I said, “Sweetie, they are your cousins too!”  She just giggled and ran off to play. At every meal there is 11 people and boy it is loud but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. They have been playing and pretending so many funny things.  One minute it’s Star Wars and the next minute they are pretending they are driving cars in London!  I am excited that they get to have this time and hope they will have so many stories to tell their own kids. There is a picture hanging up here that is Kyle and Kevin and it looks just like Jacob and Noah. Oh I know I am biased but don’t I have the most adorable nephews?

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