Growing Apple Plants

Baby StrawberryHere is an update on our gardening adventure ~

A few months ago I did some planting in our backyard as a sort of trial, to see what would grow.  To refresh your memory click here .Well, the squirrels and raccoons and possums and bunnies at all of it, even the jalapenos!!!

Containers March 2009


The only plants that survived were the ones close to the house  so that is what I decided to concentrate on for the spring.  I have quite a few herbs: Basil,Oregano,Cilantro,Parsley, and Rosemary.  I am going to try some tomato plants and peppers in containers by the patio.  I am so excited about the strawberry plant ~ it won’t be long before we will have some fruit!

The kiddos have taken quite a liking to all of this so I got them their own little containers.  Brianna has planted some sunflowers that have just sprouted.  Jacob and Joseph planted tomato seeds but Joseph swears they are apples.  I hope he isn’t to disappointed!


5 thoughts on “Growing Apple Plants

  1. jesseefamily says:

    My kids want a garden so badly. I forgot that you were doing this. I may try the flower pot option as well. You’ll have to pass along any tips, as I have a hard time keeping plants alive! :-/

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