Almost There!


Yes it is very very exciting that this strawberry is almost ripe, but even more so that there are so many that are right behind it! Last week I was able to transplant all of the tomato seedlings that Joey planted a few weeks ago as well as the watermelon.  All of them are doing so well! This spring is really a trial run, I have no idea what will and won’t grow, but I am learning so much.

We are finishing up the rest of our plantings ( I realized how much less expensive to start from seeds 🙂 ) this week.  Today Joseph helped me get our zucchini and sugar snap peas complete with trellis in the ground.  So far everything is growing wonderfully.  I have herbs to use for dinner whenever I need!

The only set back we have had is that we had a deluge of rain last night that almost washed everything away so today I had to re-dig the rows in the garden plot by the fence.

I think on Saturday I will have time to plant the rest of our little peat pots that have germinated: lettuce, corn (a small dwarf variety), cantaloupe, and some flower we will be able to cut for vases!  I can’t wait to see what happens!!!



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