Faith Mae

Walking her walk...

Walking her walk...

Last night we returned from a trip to Sarasota to celebrate my sister Faith Mae’s graduation from high school.  It was such a precious afternoon.  I loved seeing old pictures from when we were growing up.  My parents did an amazing job of honoring her creatively with stories and fun poems with different memories of her journey.  My mom started a journal last year with all the last minute things she was afraid she would forget to teach her.  :)There were things in there ranging from how to clean a chicken to identifying the fruits of pride. After the ceremony we celebrated with all kinds of Italian desserts and Italian sodas. The mini canolis and mini cheesecakes, oh, and the mini tiramasus were unbelievable!   Congratulations little sister and congratulations mom and dad for all you have accomplished.  You have truly perserved with patience and joy. From  teaching Faith how to read to teaching her how to pursue her Saviour you have done an amazing job. I love all of you!



One thought on “Faith Mae

  1. Mom says:

    It was such an exciting honor to have you, Kyle and the kids there to celebrate with us. Seeing all that God has done gives us a renewed sense of how it really is all about Him. By the way, how can I get a picture of all of you like the one you posted?

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