Brianna Melodye…

BrieMy sweet baby girl turns 6 today.    Thinking back to the morning she was born I barely remember the 26 hours of labor, but I can vividly remember looking into those blue eyes for the first time and the nurses allowing me to hold you as I was wheeled into recovery. 

Who would have know that you would already begin to live you life as the song you were named after?

“Making Melody” by Matt Redman

I’ll make a melody in my heart to You

I’ll make a melody in my heart to You

Pouring out Your praise within everything within

I’ll make a melody in my heart to You

I’ll make a melody in my heart to You

Yours will always be the song I love to sing

How can hearts not love Your name?

How can souls not sing Your praise?

Jesus You’ve put music in my soul.

Brianna Melodye, I am so grateful to God for blessing us with you. I love how soft your heart is and how much you care for and love people. I am so privileged to be able to watch you grow and hear you sing the song God has put in your heart with your voice and your life.  Thank you for working hard to obey mommy and daddy and to love your brothers. You do a wonderful job helping mommy around the house and you make the best muffins. Happy Birthday Babygirl!  We all love you!


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5 thoughts on “Brianna Melodye…

  1. Miss Stephy =) says:

    Happy Birthday, Brianna~ Can’t believe you are already 6 years old! Wow!

    Hope you had a great time celebrating your special day! We love you lots!

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