Here We Go!

It feels more like winter this year in Florida and our yard is showing it.  I wanted to get a head start on the garden this year because of our baby girl coming in Middle of May/Beginning of June.  This year I am keeping it simple, but with the kids help I think we will have a good year.

There are a couple of things I learned from last year Last Years Garden

#1 Squirells are my enemy.  Thankfully this year we have Tori.

#2 I love homemade salsa.  Good thing peppers and tomatoes do well in my yard

#3 Kids love to garden. Hence the Veggie Tale garden kits.  They are growing Cacti this year. 🙂

#4 I can’t spell zucinni zuchinni zucchini for the life of me

So here is my list:

Jalepeno Peppers

Bell Peppers




Tomatoes (a couple of different kinds)


Herb plants (Publix or the Farmer’s Market is the best place for these)

Started seeds in little Jiffy Pots

I usually am able to keep this little tray outside but has literally been too cold for that.  So its been on top of my dryer.  I mist it with water once a day and have been putting it in the sunshine when I can.  The cucumbers and zucchini grew so fast I have already had to transplant them into butter tubs!  I really enjoyed looking at last years pictures watching everything grow.  I enjoyed taking a walk through the garden early in the morning checking on everything, I am really looking forward to this year!


2 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. kim sargent says:

    Thanks for the pictures on the how to fow BFAW. We planted a garden last fall and my 5 yr old is hooked. What is that veggie tale garden kit you referred to?

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