You Can Do It!

This is a kind of off-topic post and may not interest some of you, but I hope will be helpful to a lot of you.  As of right now you still have 10 days to tag your items for the Boutique For a Week sale (All items must be entered into their system by March 6th) I love shopping there as you can see HERE, but I wanted to also motivate you to go ahead and tag some items.  I just quickly went through my kids rooms and pulled out anything that was too small.  Just tagging those items ended up being a couple hundred dollars!!! I plan on purchasing their summer clothes at the sale so I just added a bunch to my clothing budget.

Okay, back to the tagging.  Here are the basic supplies that you will need:

Cardstock, zip ties, safety pins, scissors, whole punch, hangers

Make a stack of your items and place on hanger.  You can pin pants on wire hangers like this:

You can pin the pants on each side

Once you have all your supplies and items by your computer head on over to and register as a cosigner.  Follow their instructions and enter in your items.  Keep your items in order for when you put your tags on and it will save you tons of time.  You can either hang all your clothes up and then tag them or vice versa whichever you think would be quicker for you. Once you enter your items in on the computer then you just have an assembly line.  I like to cut all my tags, then whole punch all of them, then attach them.  I can work faster that way but do what ever is easier for you.

You can either thread the zip tie through the tag on the garment or safety-pin it to the front.

Here are suggestions for things that don’t necessarily hang from hangers

Packing Tape works really well to attach tags where you can't use zip ties or safety pins

You can use a cable tie to "tie" the shoes together or put in a plastic Ziploc bag if there isn't a place for the zip tie

For Books and thing that packing tape will damage this kind of tape works best

I hope this helps you and also motivates you.  For the past couple of sales I have sold enough to purchase the next season’s clothes for my children so this had been a huge blessing for us and is definitely worth the time.  Good luck!

3 thoughts on “You Can Do It!

  1. Sandie says:

    You are amazing! I wish I was that organized. My tagging doesn’t look like this. I always end up losing my scissors, tape and zip ties, ususally I’m sitting on one or all three of them. Good job, girl, and thanks for the great motivation!

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