Real Clean Wednesday

I need motivation.  I do great with To Do Lists – they motivate me.  Something else that has been helping me is taking before and after pictures with the little projects we have been doing around the house to help get ready for Miss Selah Kathryn.  One of the first things on my list was actually to organize the boys’ room to free up one of our hall closets for the baby. Seriously, looking at the pictures motivates me to finish the other projects I have on my list.  We purchased a dresser for all of their clothes and then got these neat bins from IKEA for their toys, etc.  My four year old understands that he is only allowed to pull out one bin at a time and put it back before other things come out, its really been great.

So even if its just a quick organization of your tupperware cabinet – shoot a before and after pic. Your cell phone will even do the trick.  Trust me, not only will you feel a moment of accomplishment, but it will motivate you to take a few minutes to finish or start another project that may be looming on your list.



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