Breakfast Freezer Cooking – with Kids!!! :)

Getting Ready

Today I tried doing a quick (2 1/2 hr.) Freezer Cooking.  I am so glad I did!!  Decided to stick with mainly breakfast or baking items.  Joseph was a willing helper at the beginning and helped me with alot of the “prep work”

He did Such a good job!

He did such a good job cracking all the eggs!

I tried some new things like French Toast Sticks, which turned out amazing!!!  They are just like the ones from the store ~ they made the whole house smell so yummy!

My kids were already begging for these!


One of my really good friends came over to help and then we split up what we made.

I heart stacks of waffles...


I know this is a time saver but I also was interested in how much money I would save doing this.  Last night I looked at my receipts from Aldi and figured out how much each  ingredient cost, wait till you see!!

This is only HALF of it!


So here is the final tally from today

48 Pancakes

30 Waffles

8 Pizza Crusts

18 Coffee Cake Muffins

60 French Toast Sticks

48 Breakfast Cookies

All for $18.04 which makes my portion $9.02.  I’m not sure how many breakfasts that really is but $9.00 would buy me around 4 or so cereal boxes and my kids can go through one box in 2 days so I’m thinking that’s pretty good. Here are my notes to have on hand and below are the other recipes.

Breakfast Cookies (made these more like a normal size cookie and baked for about 10 minutes instead) They were sooo yummy!

Coffee Cake Muffins (only made 9) not sure about these yet 🙂

Pancake Recipe

Waffle Recipe

French Toast Sticks (I baked these on 500 degrees instead for about 5 min or so per side and it worked much better)  ****UPDATE*** Make sure you spray lots of Pam on your cookie sheets. When you bake these keep an eye on them. Once the top is almost dry that is when to turn them. They will be easy to turn.  Also you don’t have to cook them as long once you turn them over.  Err on the side of light brown especially if you are going to reheat in a toaster oven.

Pizza Crusts


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