hot cocoa

Here is a recipe for Hot Cocoa Mix that I make every year.  It makes an obscene amount so if you are not planning on giving some of this away as Christmas gifts I would either halve the recipe or split with a friend. I am not a huge hot cocoa fan, but I love about 1/4-1/3 cup of this in my coffee every morning!

Hot Cocoa Mix

A Box of  Powdered Milk that make 8 quarts

16 oz. Cremora

1 lb box of Nesquick

1 lb box of Powdered Sugar

If you like your hot chocolate more on the chocolaty side add some cocoa powder or I did something a little crazy today ~ I added some Starbucks Mocha Powder when I mixed this all together.

Mix well in the largest bowl you own or a stock pot and use 1/3 cup per mug of hot water. Store in an airtight container ~ this will last you all winter!

Recipe courtesy of Melodye Jones


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