“The deepest longings of the human heart
can and must be changed as we are remade into
all that God designed us to be. Our deviant
longings are illegitimate masters. even where
the object of desire is a good thing, the status of
the desire usurps God. Our cravings should be
recognized in order that we may more richly
know God as the Savior, Lover, and Converter
of the human soul. God would have us long for
Him more than we long for His gifts. To make us
truly human, God must change what we want;
we must learn to want the things Jesus wanted.
It is no surprise that the psychologists can’t find
any biblical proof texts for their view of human
motivation. The Bible teaches a different view.
The Christian life is a great paradox.
Those who die to self, find self. Those who die
to their cravings will receive many times as
much in this age, and, in the age to come,
eternal life (Luke 18:29). They will find new
passions worth living for and dying for. If I crave
happiness, I will receive misery. If I crave to be
loved, I will receive rejection. If I crave
significance, I will receive futility. If I crave
control, I will receive chaos. If I crave
reputation, I will receive humiliation. But if I
long for God and His wisdom and mercy, I will
receive God and wisdom and mercy. Along the
way, sooner or later, I will also receive happiness,
love, meaning, order, and glory.”
David Powlison The Journal of Biblical Counseling • Spring 2005 13


One thought on “longing.

  1. Debi Walter says:

    This is beautiful, especially coming from you my friend! You are such an encourager to me of this practice – longing for God! And look at the happiness, love and meaning He has provided you.

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