1,824 days ago was a very normal day.  A little bit of homeschool, a little bit of cleaning.  I was looking forward to watching 24 that night and decided to tackle reorganizing my bedroom closet.  I had just pulled out all the stuff that was all over the floor when I decided to lay down for just a minute.

It dawned on me that I hadn’t felt little baby Joseph move in my tummy very much that day. Still after juice and another 45 minutes or so not a flutter.  I went ahead and paged my doctor and he said for me just to come in and check to see if everything was okay.  He was sure that things were.

As we drove to the hospital I texted one of my friends to let them know that I was getting a quick “Stress Test” but it was nothing to worry about.  I also had felt Joseph kick, so I was sure that we would just be sent home.  We were so unconcerned that our parents didn’t even know we were on our way to be checked out.

I remember being hooked up to the monitor and everything looking okay for a few minutes.  Then all of a sudden things started moving in light speed and slow motion at the same time.

No heartbeat

Nurses running around everywhere trying to get and IV started and get the Dr. in

Sonogram seeing baby Joseph’s heart beat really in slow motion

Watching the Dr. face as my placenta start to tear as he was watching the sonogram

Being told of a possible hystorectomy as I’m being wheeled to have an emergency C-Section

No time for Epidural ~ Spinal Tap instead

Being tilted on the table so the medicine would hurry up and work


Horrible Silence

That night my tiny son who was 8 weeks early was transfered to the main hospital in the city.  I had to wait to be transfered because I wasn’t even stable yet.  As I rode over in the ambulance completely alone I had never in my life felt so weak and so scared.  I wish I could tell you I had some profound biblical and/or deep theolgical truth run through my mind.

I didn’t

All there was going through my mind was, “God, please help us.”

I’m glad God hears prayers like that.

Over the course of that first night Joseph had to be resuscitated three times I had to be taken in a wheelchair to see him because I was so weak. It was many days before I could hold him and many weeks before he came home.

It was a deep dark trial.  But its true what they say that God’s light shines brightest in the darkest night. The experience I had holding him for the first time.  The joy of bringing that tiny baby home.  I can’t describe how much sweeter it is because of how difficult it was.

Every smile, every time he’s running around like crazy, every night I get to tuck him in, every birthday, is a gift.

So this Sunday I wish my little man a Happy 5th Birthday.

He had to live in what one of my friends affectionately calls “tupperware” when he was born.  It hard to imagine that now when you look at him. 🙂

Genesis 41:52 ~ “The name of the second he called Ephraim, “For God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction.””


3 thoughts on “tupperware.

  1. Sugar says:

    Joey is indeed a special gift from God! A bright ray of sunshine! A blessing! We love him and thank God for him! Have a happy birthday, Joey!

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