“How do we handle our wildernesses? Are we willing to live contentedly with God’s provision for us in them, or are we so set on something we want him to give us that we stop trusting, stop waiting, stop listening?  Nothing good will come from allowing ourselves to be ruled by what we lack in the wilderness

God determines the length of our wilderness wanderings according to his own purposes, and those purposes always include our long-term benefit, which we will see if we just wait for him.  Belief that God has our good in mind now, not just on the other side of the desert, is what we need, and it is the way to live contentedly in a difficult situation when we can see no end in sight.

Contentment comes by believing we have everything we need for today.  God hasn’t left one single thing out.  If we needed it, we would have it , and therefore what we do have today is all we need.” – Lydia Brownback


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