Project: Simplify: Paper Clutter Results

This wasn’t a challenge that I was super excited about, but I knew it would be good. I have business, personal and homeschool papers all over my desk, plus the kids put their stuff on there as well.

A quick hour and I had all my files and receipts caught up.  Here are my before and after photos:  (Sorry I had to take them on my phone, my hubby needed the camera at work and I knew if I didn’t get this post up today I wouldn’t get it done 🙂  )

Desk Before

Progress - Quickly made piles to file or take care of and did it right away


Yay for throwing trash away!


To keep papers from piling up all over the house I have this basket and go through it on Mondays and Fridays

My friend gave me these paper clips so I can know what needs to be taken care of first. I love them!


All my homeschool papers are filed by the week. During the summer I seperate all the subjects by week so I can quickly get the kids' folders ready on Sunday night. This has been the biggest help!



4 thoughts on “Project: Simplify: Paper Clutter Results

  1. Debi Walter says:

    Great job, Tara! And you’re #13 on the link list – way to go! I just posted up too! Three more weeks to go!!! Love you, Debi

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