FBS Books Spring 2011 Giveaway

As a thank you to all our customers we are giving away the following 4 books that we can’t wait to read (for the first time or again) this spring.  We thought you would enjoy them as well!

Here is what you will receive in your prize pack:

Jesus Storybook Bible Large Trim Edition

Home Ec 101

Lightkeepers Boxed Set (Boy or Girl)

Practicing Affirmation

Mandatory Entry:

1. To enter this giveaway comment on which of the above books you would be most excited about winning. The Prize Pack acutally includes ALL of THEM!!!!

Additional Entries:

2. If you haven’t already ~ “Like” our Facebook Page and comment here that you have done so

3. Tweet about this giveaway using @FBSbooks as your tag.  Make sure you comment here telling me you have done so. (1x per day)

4. Blog about this giveaway (5 entries) leave your link in a comment.

5. Share our page on Facebook with your friends and have them comment on our wall that you sent them.

6. Share this giveaway on your Facebook Wall (1x per day) and comment on this post that you have done so.

Giveaway ends Sunday April 17Yh at 5 p.m. and the winner will be chosen by random.org Winner will be announced on Monday Morning the 18th! (you have 24 hrs to email us and claim your prize!)


99 thoughts on “FBS Books Spring 2011 Giveaway

  1. Debi Cox says:

    Lighthouse Books (boys) – I hadn’t heard about these books before but I consider this an answer to PRAYer. We have 6 grandaughters and 3 grandsons. Years ago, we found American Girls and a few other books to encourage our girls Spiritually and morally but have been looking for something for the boys. As I read reviews on these, I found that through these books*, they will read about great men of faith and will hopefully our boys will be encouraged to go out and affect their world for Christ too…I can’t wait!!!! *Books: Ten Boys Who Changed the World, Ten Boys Who Used Their Talents, Ten Boys Who Made a Difference, Ten Boys Who Didn’t Give in, and Ten Boys Who Made History.

  2. Christine Mehl says:

    I would love Home-Ec 101, so I could incorporate it into my day with the four children. I specifically would love my boys to learn these skills, as well.

  3. Mom says:

    All of these look wonderful! Piper & Crabtree sound like a good combination so I think I’d choose Practicing Affirmation. This is a wonderful giveaway!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Awesome group of books! I think I’d be most excited about winning a boxed Lightkeep set, but all of these titles are awesome!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  5. Brianna says:

    The Jesus Story Book. I have heard about this book & it is already on my wish list for my kids. I love resources that help me to guide them to knowing our LORD better.

  6. Melanie VanLue says:

    It’s a toss up between The Storybook Bible which I’ve been wanting to get Cade, and Practicing Affirmation!

  7. Heather says:

    All of the books sound wonderful, but I think I’d most need the “Practicing Affirmation.” Not my strongest subject…yet it needs to improve.

  8. seraphima says:

    Home Ec 101!
    Mother of five homeschooler needing a boost in my morale for homekeeping. It’s like treading water non-stop!

    Heading to FB to like your page!

  9. Noel says:

    What a great giveaway! I would seriously love to read the Home-Ec 101 book! I may have to add it to my list of books I need to pick up!

  10. Anna says:

    I would LOVE Home Ec 101 since my mom died when I was 9 and I was never able to take home ec or anything like that and I want to pass something better onto my son. I plan on homeschooling and think it would be a great part of our ciriculum.

  11. Tina says:

    I would like to win the lightkeepers(boy) most because my ds loves to read and I think these would be great for him to read. My second choice would be the home ec book.

  12. Joanna says:

    I have heard such great things about the Lightkeepers books and would love the chance to experience them for myself and my three girls.

  13. Meghann says:

    Practicing Affirmation would be my favorite one to win, because I need to read it! =) My second would be the lighthouse set because we love those books and already have both sets, so my girls could give the set away to one of their friends! Oh, and I already “like” you on FB! =)

  14. Kim says:

    I would love the Home Ec 101 book for my younger daughters! Actually, I would love all of the books~I’ve already “liked” you on FB!

  15. RJ says:

    Hello! I wanted to enter your giveaway drawing. I’d love to receive the ‘Practicing Affirmation’ for myself. I came from a home that did little of that, and I know I do better, but certainly could use improvement!!! I believe affirmation is greatly needed in our churches. If we can affirm, appreciate, and give gratitude to those around us, we could make the world so much happier! But then again, I know my boys would benefit from the Lightkeepers series – great series that is on our book wishlist! Touch choice with so many good books!! So there you have it! Thanks for making this possible. RJ

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