Jumping Joey

This is my Joey.

He jumps alot.

He laughs alot.

He makes me laugh alot.

I love him.

Today is his birthday.

He has been counting down since October.

Today he turns six.

I’ve learned so much from Joey ~ determination, forgiveness, joy.  Some things are a little harder for him, but that doesn’t stop him from trying that much harder.  I have watched him forgive his brother and sisters and his mom and dad so quickly.  Truly forgive, like it didn’t happen.  This kid is pretty much happy all the time. And its contagious.  Yesterday as he is unloading the dishwasher he’s singing “Beautiful One” and I just looked at Kyle and smiled.  Joey’s story is a story of rescue.  I get to watch God work in a way I haven’t in my other kiddos.  I have had to trust God in different areas when it comes to Joey.  Him singing that song yesterday was such an encouragement to my heart and I’m grateful.

Happy Birthday to my Jumping Joey!


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