Jacob turns 11 today.

I wish I was more like him when I was 11.

I love the way he loves his family.

I love the way he seeks and makes effort to change.

I love the heart he has to serve others, even when he would rather being doing something else.

I love the way he is patient and invests in his relationship with Joey.

I love how he enjoys watching and playing sports.

I love that he will probably read through his Bible more times than his mom & dad.

I love that I know he will always protect his sisters.

I love his brokenness before God when he is convicted of something.

I love his jokes. Even when they are about me.

I love listening to him dream of the Jaguars winning the Super Bowl.

I love that he spends his chore points on time with his dad instead of $.

I love all of the funny Star Wars voices he makes.

I love how excited he is about being at Redeemer Church.

I love that I need to buy another #1 for his cake today.

I love him.

Happy Birthday Jacob! You are a joy! I love you dearly, every day and love that I get to be your mom.  You’re the best! (said in a Nacho Libre voice 🙂 )



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