856 days ago I opened a Christmas gift from my husband. Things were super strapped with our finances so we had a $25 budget. I also was super sick – pregnant with our 4th little one, suffering with a bad case of hypermesis. I had to be careful because the IV had to be in my hand because there was nowhere left to poke in my arms. The kids were all giggles because they had helped him search high and low for my gift.

A piggy bank – a pink one. Underneath was a small book. “Top 25 Things to do in Paris.” I smiled and just looked at Kyle. He told me that day we were going to make it happen.
And we did. Slowly but surely. Scrimped and saved. Lots of coins, lots.
Then when I turned 30, a surprise birthday party. My gifts were monies to put towards this trip. It was a lot, enough to pay for the flat we are on our way to right now. 🙂
When the economy was tanking, Kyle got a promotion at his job. And then a bonus. Can you believe it?
Honestly, I just want everyone reading this to know how much I appreciate how you have loved us and dreamed with us. It’s made it that much sweeter.
I get to go to Paris with my best friend. 🙂

au revior


One thought on “here.we.go

  1. Debi Walter says:

    Have a baguette from one of the street vendors; the best we’ve ever had!! I’m praying for you and am so excited for you both!

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