Phineus et Ferb


Our apartment is really nice and really quiet. I love it! The picture above is the view from one window and here’s the other:


Yesterday we got checked in around 11 am our time and just went walking. The Metro is super easy and we were at the Eiffel  Tower in less then 20 minutes. We were walking then all of a sudden you turn and its right there. It took my breath away. Its also a lot browner then I thought. For some reason I always thought it was grey.

Today is a national holiday (Labor Day)  so our plans are to shop a little bit, and my other goal is to have a McBaguette 🙂

French TV is hilarious. They talk a lot about football and politics and there is even a Disney Channel. Saw this on this morning and was cracking up!

Phineus et Ferb


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