I had every intention of blogging before we headed out for the day, but I had a really tough time sleeping last night. My body is still adjusting to the time change.
Yesterday was a national holiday so everything was closed so it was a little tough to get a feel for the neighborhood where we were staying. All the monuments were closed as well, so we decided to head up to Luxembourg Gardens. On the way we walked through a political demonstration. It was fascinating. There were tons of people rallying for the communist party and anti capitalism. One people, one salary, one benefits. The election is on the 6th of this month. It will be very interesting. The parties here have there own colors and scarves and theme songs.
The gardens were incredible. It was a gorgeous day and there were tons of people just relaxing.

We also ended up being able to attend mass at Notre Dame later in the day.

Now, I had every intention of staying away from Starbucks, McDonalds, etc while we were here, but an advertisement for a McBaguette caught my eye.


So it wasn’t bad at all, but I will say that real Dijon mustard is very spicy – but I like it.

I also like that you don’t get ice here – it just means more coke. 🙂

Also I really like the metro – you can get anywhere in the city pretty much in 20 min or less for a little over 1 euro.

I like the impressionist paintings that are here.

I like going to museums with my husband – he is patient enough to see what is important to me, but likes to have fun when we don’t have any clue why a particular piece is art. He made up a song about the painting at the top of this post.

I like French people. They get a bad rap, I don’t think they are stuck up at all. For the most part they have been very helpful. They are very quiet, but kind.

I like that there is a bakery downstairs from our flat.
I like that EVERYONE says bonjour to each other.

I also like that this was only the second day.

Oh and I like the Louvre, but I like Orsay better. More on that tomorrow.


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