Nine ~ my baby girl is turning nine today.

The one with those baby blue eyes that give testimony of answered prayer. The one that sings as beautiful as a bird and whose smile is contagious. The one whose heart has been softened this past year and is becoming an example to me of serving. The one who Selah looks for first in the morning. The one who can give her brothers a taste of their own medicine. The one who can melt her daddy’s heart in an instant.

Brianna you are becoming such a wonderful young lady.  It makes my heart happy to see how much you love life and everybody around you.  You are my favorite girl to spend time with!  I love that you already can bake better than I can.  I also love how much you love being a mommy’s helper to not only your sister, but other little ones at Redeemer!

Happy Birthday Breezy!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much and are so excited to celebrate with you today.  Today is the last day you will ever only have one candle on your cake!


2 thoughts on “my.breezy.

  1. The Smile Scavenger says:

    Wow, what a beautiful tribute to your daughter.

    As a non-parent, I often skim or skip over posts about kids (Facebook news feed overwhelms me with parents’ daily reports anyway), but I would like to say that this post really caught my attention. I rarely see such a pure example of selfless love in parenting.

    I wish you both wonderful, joyful lives. 🙂

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