photoTwelve years ago this morning, your dad and I headed up to the hospital super excited about meeting you for the first time.

I could have never imagined all that I would learn and experience after meeting you, but the work has been worth it.

You are amazing.

Not many young men live for others like you do. I don’t know of many who are constantly checking to make sure other have what they need. Setting aside their preferences and what they would rather be doing and instead serve. With joy.

I used to be concerned that you were just a people pleaser and while I am sure that can be a struggle for you like it is for all of us I realized this year your life became about an audience of One.

The Gospel and what Christ has done for you fuels your life.

Your mom and dad couldn’t be more proud of you.

Even though we make mistakes – everytime we do, I get to again see the gospel at work and the power of forgiveness. The grace you extend to me when I ask for forgiveness from you can only come because of what you’ve already been given.

And I get to be your mom.

I love being your mom.

I love you.

OK enough of the mushy stuff! Let’s have an awesome day celebrating your birthday!!

“Your the best!” – Nacho

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!




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