Today we celebrate.

Sweet Selah, I love how you love life.

And your friends (Jacob, Brianna, and Joey)

I love how you say the word spark-a-lee.

I love how you literally drop everything and run to greet your daddy when he gets home.

I love how much you love to help me with whatever I’m doing.

I love how you are determined to help your mommy and daddy grow in godliness by not becoming self-sufficient or lazy in our parenting.

I love how much you love purses and babydolls and unicorns and bubbles.

I love how you used to think our pastor was Benny the Bull but now he’s Mr. Benny who brings you donuts to your new house.

I love talking with you. And I love snuggling with you.

You are a joy and its hard for anyone not to smile when they are around you.

So here’s to glitter and cake and balloons and bubbles and chalk and unicorns and candles and fun.

Happy Birthday! We love you!


2 thoughts on “three

  1. shereesmusings says:

    I love how her hair falls in pretty curls and makes me wonder where they came from; and how she leapt into my arms today when I came; and how she never walks but always trots or runs; and how she puckers her lips for random reasons, like when she’s about to drink from a straw; and how she’s teaching her siblings to love little ones who don’t always act like they wish. I love your family. So much.

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