Dear Joey,

If you are reading this, I want you to know how much joy you bring everyone around you. Your laughter is literally contagious. (when you laugh everyone else can’t help but start laughing)

You have grown up to be and amazing kid. You are a hard worker and I hope you see that your hard work is paying off.  I am so proud of how you are doing in school and how you learned to ride a bike in one day!  You worked hard to run a mile really fast and your kapernicking skills are pretty incredible.

I am excited to see how your relationship with your brother and your sisters is growing.  I love watching you be best buds with Jacob and grow to enjoy spending time with your sisters.  🙂 It is awesome to see you reading stories to your sister whenever she will sit still.

It is fun to watch you dream about visiting Jacob while he is in college and doing his laundry and cooking for him while he does his homework. I love that you are dreaming of going to college for science and living in a dorm and thinking it will be fun to have a roommate that you have just met.

I love watching you serve and make great friends at Redeemer.  I love how you are learning how to make it your church and not just your mom and dads. Praying that you continue to grow and that you will see that Jesus is not just your mommy and daddy’s Savior, but yours as well.

Mommy and daddy love you so much and are so grateful for who you are and that we get to be your mom and dad. You have taught us so much and we are so excited to celebrate with you today!

May the force be with you,





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