Sweet Potato Waffle

20140620-073806-27486505.jpgSometimes you need more than a romaine lettuce “bun” for your burger or something a little different with your breakfast.  These waffles taste amazing on their own or used as a sandwich bread! Oh and 1/2 a waffle is a yellow container on the 21 Day Fix!

Sweet Potato Waffle


1 sweet potato spiralized

1 egg, beaten

Seasoning of choice (salt/pepper/onion powder for savory salt/cinnamon for sweet)


Saute your sweet potato for about 8 minutes until tender. While cooking potatoes, preheat your waffle iron.  After sauteing, gently mix the potatoes with 1 egg and seasoning.  Spray waffle iron with cooking spray and evenly place potato mixture and close the lid. Cook until brown then enjoy with maple syrup or with your favorite sandwich.  The possibilities are endless!



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