Every year when I think “I don’t know if I could love her anymore than I do now,” you prove me wrong. You are amazing. The way you love and care for everyone around you is a huge blessing and example. The thing that I think that has changed to most this year is the way you have grown in loving and serving your brothers and sister and mom and dad. You can tell that you love us the most. Yes I’m sure we drive you a little crazy at times, but there is no doubt who your favorite people are.
Your joy is contagious and it it hard not to be excited about what you are excited about. Thank you for the way you love your family and the way you lay down your life. Thank you for being patient with me and so quick to forgive when I make mistakes. Thanks for being my friend.
I pray this year your friendship with Jesus grows the most, the fruit of the relationship you have already inspires me to know and love Him more.
Happy Birthday Breezy, let’s celebrate!!!!





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