The Ultimate 21 Day Fix Breakfast Round Up

Here are some of my favorite breakfast recipes that are on rotation in my meal plans for the 21 Day Fix. I also have posts for LUNCH and DINNER to help give you some ideas for delicious clean eating recipes!


One of my favorites.  Sweet Potato Hash-browns, 1 egg, turkey bacon983616_1434461663462251_642123901_nNon-fat Greek Yogurt with vanilla extract and stevia layered with strawberries10382627_1446651708909913_1233304559602736007_nPaleo Pancakes {1/2 ripe banana, egg, cinnamon} steel cut oats10636263_1492960977612319_6758891983107717564_nSuper Simple – one egg, two strips of turkey bacon

10502437_1466830933558657_2994368888979789335_nEgg in a nest of sweet potatoes and bacon10255425_1515561228685627_446821038692804367_nKale open faced omelet10569079_1476777585897325_2170643909570470813_nSweet Potato Pancakes
1 yellow container of cooked sweet potato {I cooked mine in the microwave for 5 min and then mashed them in my container :)}
2 beaten eggs
1 tsp cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg
Pinch of salt
These were so filling I couldn’t finish!
10806359_1524356077806142_4310037296913768519_nMy current favorite 2 eggs over a baked sweet potato (I cook it in the microwave while the eggs are cooking)10356166_1522851064623310_5563799170557083277_nSteel Cut Oatmeal topped with shredded Granny Smith Apple and cinnamon10647114_1508900349351715_7472310509219447318_nSweet Potato Waffle and 1 egg
10850043_1534033040171779_5899609833673160434_nSpinach and Bacon open faced 1507702_1522467697994980_7445677983211230988_nSteel Cut Oatmeal topped with “fried” bananas
10511313_1471978423043908_4238484148392281399_n2 eggs over sweet potato hash browns10428088_1514841865424230_217320277536900883_nMaple Bacon Steel Cut Oatmeal – a yellow container topped with crumbled turkey bacon and 1tsp of pure maple syrup
10171214_1440737316168019_2826107903647449413_nSimple Breakfast Sandwich – 1 egg, two strips of turkey bacon on a sandwich thin

If you are interested in more information on the 21 Day Fix along with my review and results click HERE Ready to apply for our next online fitness support group? Click HERE


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