5 baby steps to start eating clean

1545753_1502993099942440_7582755661887022105_nIf you thought about trying to eat clean and find yourself overwhelmed this is the blog post for you.  Here are some simple tips that can really start making a difference. 1487351_1512897575618659_4932009903607672479_n

#1 Drink more water Drinking water is an essential part of eating clean, but start small if this is something you are not used to.  If you find yourself drinking lots of soda and/or coffee try replacing one of those items with water each day.  A cute water cup really helps too!  Also when I am just craving soda I find that sparkling water really hits the spot. 10365953_1543442525897497_1737619101857215892_n #2 Eat More Fruits and Veggies A great way to do this at first is to add a piece of fruit to your breakfast, add a cup of spinach to your daily smoothie or make sure you have veggies with dinner every single day. 10610733_1501617320080018_5327333246925908683_n 7407_1495240344051049_6734161877977044409_n #3 Shop the perimeter of the store  Most whole, natural foods are found on the outside aisles of the grocery store.  Try to avoid buying too many items from the center of the store.  That’s where you’ll encounter more processed and packaged foods.  Better yet, shop your local farmer’s market for more natural, whole food choices! 10421227_1504641616444255_6640617847553033745_n #4 Read Labels: This is a simple way to determine how “clean” a food truly is. A natural food (such as an apple) has no label, while a bag of chips has a label with a ton of ingredients that you probably can’t pronounce.  If you’re not ready to completely give up processed foods, start by studying the labels and choosing foods that contain the fewest and simplest ingredients.  Try to avoid hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, high amounts of fat or sodium, and added sugar.

#5 Cook At Home: This is an easy way to start eating more whole foods and save money in the process.  Restaurants and fast food places rely on highly processed foods to create their meals.  When you cook your own food, you have control over the ingredients going in your dish.  People who cook tend to eat more healthfully and weigh less than those who don’t.  This doesn’t mean you have to become a master chef overnight.  Start by learning a few meals with simple ingredients. 1185854_1499459783629105_2873572344065681314_n Looking for some more clean eating inspiration? Follow me on Facebook for more tips recipes and info on joining a FREE clean eating group!


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