Your Inspired Simply Weekend – diy ampersand art, carrie underwood’s new fitness apparel, and all about being brave

So what is on tap of for you this weekend?  Well we had a day or two of spring in Florida, but its back to being pretty chilly so my weekend plans are still up in the air.  I  know we have one last flag football game and I am going to try and finish setting up my new chicken coop! Here is a little sampling of what has inspired me this week on the internets! 10906334_403457656488282_6353429856478389535_n 1509790_396635510503830_6488727156314360311_n Carrie Underwood has just recently launched a new fitness apparel line called CALIA and it is so pretty and it is now on my birthday list! You can find it online here ampersand_art This week’s DIY inspiration comes from one of my favorite blogs The Handmade Home I have been looking for something large but simple in our bedroom and this looks perfect!! I have fallen in love with Cauliflower Rice but now that spring is coming I am looking for some fresher ways to do it and this Cauliflower Tabbouleh recipe looks amazing!

15028711629_a97933c133_z And to inspire your soul Ann Voskamp writes about being braveBe Brave. Your bravery wins a thousand battles you can’t see because your bravery strengthens a thousand others to win their battles too.  Happy Fri-Yay! Carri Undder


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