Ultimate Reset Week 1 Recap & Review

 Well one week down 2 weeks to go! I was really nervous starting the Ultimate Reset.  Coming off of end of the school year craziness and traveling for vacation for a couple of weeks I knew I needed something. My cravings were pretty much out of control and I was feeling so crummy. But I wasn’t sure if this was something I could really do.

After one week I feel incredibly accomplished that I stuck with it, but kinda scared of what the next two weeks hold.  I am doing completely fine without meat (haven’t had any since last Wednesday I think) but there is no more dairy starting now and grains will be less and less as time goes on.

Breakfast, Lunch, Alkalinize and a Snack on the plan

On of my favorite dinners: Black Beans, Corn and Rice with a corn tortilla and avocado/salsa

I do feel INCREDIBLE already.  I am sleeping so much better (aside from 2 nights that I had crazy dreams) and I already feel a lot more energy even though I haven’t had any coffee or caffeine in over a week.  I am not craving sugar at all, but I could go for a slice or two of pizza and a glass or two of wine right now. It hasn’t been all fun and games.  The first few days I had headaches and I was so sore like I had just done P90X or Insanity or something.

So what have I done so far?

 Drank a gallon of water each day

Eliminated Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol and ALL processed foods from my diet

Phased out meat and dairy this week

The only “working out” I have done is light walks each day and a little yoga on Wednesday.

The plan is very easy to follow actually.  I set timers to remind me when to eat or drink water or take supplements.  I tried lots of new recipes like this creamy garlic dressing and lentil lime salad.

I am sure you are saying like me ~ But I just couldn’t give up my coffee creamer, glass of wine, weekly fast food run, meat, dairy, you name it! I am right there with you! The commitment is significant, but so is the outcome – and if you want and need something badly enough (e.g. beat fatigue and gain natural energy, to alleviate pain, beat bloating and digestive issues, get off the bad mood rollercoaster, a weight loss jumpstart, to get off expensive medications, boost immunity, improve skin appearance or just feel like your best self) the new routine you’ll adopt for 21 days will be well worth it. If you are literally craving a tune-up, you’ll do whatever it takes. This describes me to a T so I decided to go all in. I don’t usually weigh myself but I couldn’t help it this morning.  I am down 6.5 lbs.  Wow! Even just a week of clean eating can make a big difference!

I am not out of the woods yet, like I said earlier I am really nervous about the next two weeks ~ I would love it if you would cheer me on over on my Facebook Page or my Instagram Account

Bring it on Week 2!

Here is our fun attempt at making Nori Rolls!


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