Ultimate Reset Week 2 Review & Recap

 Two weeks down and 1 week to go!!! After 2 weeks I feel like my cravings are definitely more manageable when I first started. I also have lost the urge to munch all day or that I deserve some kind of food based on how I felt. I cannot believe I have now gone 2 weeks without anything processed, alcohol, caffeine, soda, or sugar and 1 week without meat or dairy in addition. I have seen people do things like this and thought now way could I go a week without my coffee, wine, etc.

But I have done it and in some ways its been super hard and other ways super easy.  The hardest times are in social setting but I am getting used to that.  The food is actually really yummy, I have been surprised. Things I missed last week were definitely coffee with yummy creamer and hot sauce of all things.

Corn and Edamame Succotash ~ My Favorite from Week 2

Beans and Rice and Broccoli ~ nothing fancy but fills you up!

My first try at tempeh ~ not my favorite but proud of myself for trying new things!

Roasted Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup

I am learning to enjoy fruit a lot more!

Week three should be interesting, it is mainly fruits and veggies with optional grains thrown in here and there. Overall I feel great and am ready to finish the program.  I am leading a FREE Clean Eating Group starting today sharing what I have learned so far ~ if you have wanted to try eating clean but just didn’t know where to start or if you just need some inspiration click HERE to join.


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