Healthy Road Trip Snacks


Summer is upon us and so are the road trips.  I used to load up on Doritos and all kinds of crazy gas station snacks, but this year I am taking a “cleaner” approach. Here are some of my favorite ideas that are also budget friendly!


Fruit Bars: These are my favorite go to snacks ~ fruit bars from Trader Joe’s.  There are 4 different varieties Apple + BananaApple + CoconutApple + Mango, and Apple + Strawberry.  No additives, no preservatives, no synthetic colors or artificial flavors.  Just two fruits, merged in a marriage made in snack heaven.  Not exactly like a fruit “leather”, these bars are chewier and fruitier than any others I’ve tried.


Cashews or Almonds – I love just portioning these out in snack baggies from Target!carrotMastheads_desktop_0000_BHF---Babycut-Carrots_png_ba4dd9ac-24c1-4aa4-bbc3-4d9babad1ce6

Fresh Veggies – now fresh veggies isn’t on the top of my list, but paired with hummus, paleo ranch, or any of these single serve dips they are super good!


String Cheese is really the greatest ~ sometimes I even dip it in hummus!k2-_7c3b7ac4-cb71-4e6e-8edf-f4f720a01b61.v1

Fresh Fruit: Our favorites are apples, strawberries, bananas and blueberries

lg_A07B7B9F0FA57AC9C1FFB4C09106D803Pretzel Sticks: Also super great to dip in just about anything, we always pack pretzel sticks for road trips

squeezers2Yogurt: If you have a cooler these are great single serve tubes you can pack for your trip!


Last but not least Pop Corn! Totally takes care of my Doritos craving! Happy Summer and safe traveling.  For more recipes and healthy fitness tips head on over to my Facebook Page!


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