Breezy is 13

It’s here! I am not sure if you got a wink of sleep last night because of how excited you are and honestly I am probably almost as excited as you are!

12 probably was one of the toughest years for you. Physical trials have a way of wearing people down. But baby girl what has emerged is a beautiful display of God’s faithfulness and kindness. Through your struggles you continued to pour out your life serving where ever you saw the need ~ at home and at Redeemer. I saw you not just take care of little kids but really enjoy them and cultivate relationships with them. They light up when they see you and come running. You also became a better friend to your sissy, which just makes my heart so happy.Even the way you think of your brothers first is amazing. (I know they can be pretty annoying at times 🙂 ) Your daddy knows you love him by the way you always run up to greet him after work and the little things you do to show you care like making his favorite cookies. 🙂 Thank you for the tireless ways you are always seeking to serve me, helping with the laundry and making yummy dinners for the family every week helps me so much. I love how you make sure that you give me hugs every day and are in tune with when things are not quite right. You’ve become one of my dearest friends and some day I will let you know how hard I prayed for that.

I know walking through this year had been tough but Breezy be encouraged that it has produced amazing and precious fruit.You have grown in height but also more importantly in your character. Happy Birthday!!! Let’s celebrate!!!

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One thought on “Breezy is 13

  1. ddr_74 says:

    Your post brought tears to my eyes, it was beautiful. My oldest boy is away at camp for six weeks this summer, he left last Sunday, and I miss him so much 🙂 Embrace and enjoy your time with her! ❤

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