25 Day of Fitness Printable Calendar


Full Side PDF Below

Even though the pace of life will continue to quicken as Christmas gets closer it is important to still take care of yourself! So how do you do that? Keep it simple and follow thees instructions:

1. Make a commitment to take the time to take care of you so you can be in the moment this Christmas Season!

2. Print the 25 Days of Fitness Calendar! The printable is located here.

3. Display it so you see it EVERY SINGLE DAY! Tape it to your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your closet door, your desk, etc.

4. For each of the 25 days, GET MOVING. Do at least 10 – 20 minutes of dedicated exercise each day.

5. For each day you complete, give yourself a high five. Draw and X or sticker each day of the month you complete.

6. Congratulate yourself for staying active through the holidays!

Want even MORE motivation and accountability? Then join our 25 Days of Fitness Facebook Group Here

Each day you’ll be assigned a specific fitness challenge. Stay active in the group. The more active you are, the more likely you are to be hit by the prize patrol! At the end of the month, those that post photos of their completed calendars will be entered into a prize drawing, too!


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