Beachbody Health Bet 2.0


CHEERS!!!! 2017 is just around the corner! Time to start fresh!!! One of the first areas people look to make a change is their fitness, but sometimes its tough to stick with it after a week or two. Would you be motivated to keep going and get results in your fitness if it meant your participation would qualify you for an equal share of a cash prize pool!??!

During the month of January Beachbody is actually hosting a Health Bet, BUT the best part is you don’t have to put up ANY of your own money!!! AND they’re handing out over $2,000,000 in cash prizes to anyone who participates in a coach-led accountability group in the My Challenge Tracker App and meets the minimum requirements of the challenge!

We had another one of these back in September, and it went SO well and helped SO many people start and complete programs that Beachbody decided they just HAD to host another! Only this time around, the pot is even bigger, which means the payout will be even BIGGER too!!!

Any of my challengers who join me in our streamlined CHALLENGE APP in the month of January & participate in a home workout program + Shakeology is eligible for the HEALTH BET CHALLENGE!!

HERE are the rules:

During my Cheers to 2017 challenge group you must:

image1 (2)

Commit to a Beachbody home workout
Pick your Shakeology superfood smoothie flavor
Log your workout on the app 3+ days a week
Log a minimum of FIVE Shakeologies every week WITH a picture attached!

Have a valid first name, last name, email, and mailing address on your Team Beachbody account!


Coolest part? You don’t have to pay to enter like a “Diet Bet
Oh also ~ You AND your significant other can join my challenge together – BOTH log your stuff – and BOTH be eligible to share the prize pool.

Other coolest part?

We know how this sometimes goes. People hear “CASH PRIZE” & they’re all like “SIGN ME UP” – but when it comes to following through & doing the work – there is only going to be a percentage of us left standing… am I right!?!! That prize pool just got a lot bigger for YOU and you’re reaching your health & wellness goals at the SAME TIME!

Basically… would you invest in yourself & COMMIT TO WHAT MATTERS — your health?

Grab your hubby.
Grab your aunt.
Grab your sister.
WHOEVER – and let’s get you set up!!

You can stream your workouts on your phone, do it at home, bring it to the gym, do it in a hotel, get your whole family involved, do an intense workout, commit to low impact or dance cardio, yoga, start small, or go big. REALLY no excuses. No matter what your goal is – I can help you find a fantastic program to commit to. I will also be there to support you with meal plans and the tools for you to be succesful!


To register fill out this form: HERE

I want to allow for as many people as possible in this group – so let’s get our friends on board & tackle some healthy and wellness goals at the beginning of 2017

*If you’re already working with a coach – reach out to them!
**If I’m your coach & you are just ready to RE-commit, let’s do it!


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