It is a half-marathon, not a sprint.

I have a love hate relationship with running. Well mostly a strong dislike. In high school running a few miles BEFORE soccer practice was no big deal. Cross country or indoor track, piece of cake. I always ran to be better or train for something else, never run for the sake of just running. That is not to say that I haven’t tried. I really wanted to experience something amazing that many runners do where I could pray, collect my thoughts and what not. I never came. Well let’s just say it hasn’t yet.

I’ve decided that I am not going to give up until I get the results I want.

Last year I had a major flare of of PCOS symptoms and my doctor recommended the training for the 10K race I was looking forward to should be sidelined. At that point I was running 3-4 times a week but the best I could do was 12:30 per mile.

Fast forward to this year. Many if not all of my symptoms are under control and my husband and I started talking about doing a race together. We have done a few 5K races together so the next logical step is a half-marathon right?

I have a friend who recommended Jeff Galloway method and when I looked over it I just had this peace AND excitement wash over me about trying this again. Not only is this program doable with my teaching and school schedule, but it is kind to my body. The interval based running should work fine and not aggravate my PCOS symptoms but I will keep you posted. You start out by doing a “magic mile” and based on that time are your intervals. Mine was around 10:40 so my intervals for the next couple of weeks are 2:1. So I will run for one minute and then walk for thirty seconds. You do training runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a longer run on the weekend. Since we have 24 weeks until the race (OUC Half-Marathon) there is plenty of time to train the right way.

The only things I decided to get were new Running Shoes (I’ve only purchased running shoes at the Outlet and bought them based on price and how cute they were) We decided to shop local at a store called Fleet Feet Sports. There they measure your feet and analyze how you run to find the perfect shoe (regardless of brand) for you. The shoes are little pricey then what I am used to but oh my word, I cannot begin to tell you the difference. I ended up with the Saucony Ride 10 after trying ALL THE SHOES. Also I am a better runner than Kyle go figure.

I also purchased a running belt from Amazon because my phone is giant and I’m not a big fan of arm bands.

I run listening to ridiculous music using these wireless headphones that I got on Black Friday using a playlist on my iPhone. For the intervals I found a free app on iTunes called “Intervals” I have to run that through my phone so that I can hear the prompts to run or walk. I use my Apple Watch Series 2 to measure time, distance and heart rate and the free app MotiFit to keep track of what heart rate training zone I am in.

So that is it. Day One training is under my belt. It wasn’t bad. I think I need to update my playlist with some fresh tunes I think, there were a few times I was hoping the time would be up. Any questions you can send me an email at or follow along on my Instagram @theinspiretribe 

I hope to check in once a week with an update as well as a post with the different supplements I will be taking for recovery and performance.



One thought on “It is a half-marathon, not a sprint.

  1. Adriana Burton says:

    Awesome for you!! I’ve been a joggler (run/walk/jiggle) for over 15 years. I maintain a 15 min mile and have used the Galloway training forever. I may be slow but I finish. So glad you are excited about your adventure. I look forward to your posts and will support you along the way!!

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