Free March Goal Setting Printable


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Here is a short “Goal Setting Primer” by Michael Hyatt

  1. Keep them few in number. Productivity studies show that you really can’t focus on more than 5–7 items at any one time. And don’t try to cheat by including sections with several goals under each section. This is a recipe for losing focus and accomplishing very little. Instead, focus on a handful of goals that you can repeat almost from memory.
  2. Make them “smart.” This is an acronym, as you probably know, and it is interpreted in various ways by different teachers. When I refer to smart goals, I mean this. Goals must meet five criteria. They must be:
    • Specific—your goals must identify exactly what you want to accomplish in as much specificity as you can muster.
      Bad: Write a book.
      Good: Write a book proposal for The Life Plan Manifesto.
    • Measurable—as the old adage says, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” If possible, try to quantify the result. You want to know absolutely, positively whether or not you hit the goal.
      Bad: “Earn more this year than last.”
      Good: “Earn $5,000 more this year than last.”
    • Actionable—every goal should start with an action verb (e.g., “quit,” “run,” “finish,” “eliminate,” etc.) rather than a to-be verb (e.g., “am,” “be,” “have,” etc.)
      Bad: Be more consistent in blogging.
      Good: Write two blog posts per week.
    • Realistic—you have to be careful here. A good goal should stretch you, but you have to add a dose of common sense. I go right up to the edge of my comfort zone and then step over it.
      Bad: Qualify for the PGA Tour.
      Good: Lower my golf handicap by four strokes.
    • Time-bound—every goal needs a date associated with it. When do you plan to deliver on that goal. It could be by year-end (December 31) or it could be more near-term (September 30). A goal without a date is just a dream. Make sure that every goal ends with a by when date.
      Bad: Lose 20 pounds.
      Good: Lose 20 pounds by December 31st.
  3. Write them down. This is critical. There is a huge power in writing your goals down even if you never develop an action plan or do anything else (not recommended). Henriette Anne Klauser documents this in her fascinating book, Write It Down and Make It Happen. When you write something down, you are stating your intention and setting things in motion.
  4. Review them frequently. While writing your goals down is a powerful exercise in itself, the real juice is in reviewing them on a regular basis. This is what turns them into reality. Every time I review my goals, I ask myself, What’s the next step I need to take to move toward this goal. You can review them daily, weekly, or monthly. It’s up to you. The key is to do let them inspire and populate your daily task list.
  5. Share them selectively. I used to advise people to “go public” with their goals—even blog about them. But in his 2010 TED talk, Derek Sivers makes the compelling case that telling someone your goals makes them less likely to happen. Now I counsel people not to share them with anyone who is not committed to helping you achieve them (e.g., your mentor, mastermind group, or business partner).

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Electronic Declutter



Time to declutter electronically! So maybe you’ve been through your house and decluttered your kitchen counters and underneath your bathroom sink, but now its time to clear the clutter on your computer and/or mobile device!

Here are the top three things you can do to help Clear the Clutter that I learned from Lara Casey!

This is a project that can take more than a day! If you are like me you may need a few days to accomplish so here we go:

#1 Clear the clutter on your computer desktop. If this is overwhelming, start small. Just three tiny action steps forward today: close all browser windows and all programs, make folders, drag clutter into appropriate folders OR trash it.

#2 Pair down your Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter feeds so that when you do view them, they are full of inspiring, encouraging content that fuels you to be your best. Everything we read seeps into our subconscious.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. – Unknown

#3 Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe. You don’t need every newsletter known to man. It’s inbox clutter! How much of the email you complain about is actual email? Gut it.Especially shopping ones! You just got rid of a bunch of stuff! You don’t need to buy more!

#4 Turn off email notifications and all SMS notifications from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, too. Do you really need an email about every “like” and a text message tweet distracting you from your real work? No. I only get emails for direct messages, so I can reply via email if needed. Also consider taking the Facebook App off of your phone. You will be less likely to scroll mindlessly throughout the day!


Comment below and let us know how it went or share on social media with the hashtag #simplyclutterfree2017

2017 Book List


Here are the books that I am going to try to read in 2017. Having one book per month seems like a decent goal for me considering during the semester I could have hundreds of pages of reading as an assignment for school.

Last year I only read like two books and when I looked back I realize that I never made a list to reference or help hold me accountable to here it goes. I plan on updating as I finish!

Uninvited – January

Simply Tuesday

Twelve Week Year – March

Fringe Hours – February


Present over Perfect

Wild & Free

Magnolia Story

Grace not Perfection

Savor – this is a devotional so after I finish the one I am doing now I will pick this up

Mingling of Souls


Sacred Parenting – I’ve read this before but it is one of my favorites and I thought this year would be a good time to re-read

Any Titles that I am missing? What is on your list?