Revive & Thrive August Support Group


I don’t know about you but I want to reboot, recharge and re-evaluate my days. And if I’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that I thrive on group accountability. That’s why this month, I’m going to be hosting a special “Revive and Thrive” challenge starting August 22nd, that is going to focus on re-energizing – both mentally and physically!

You can expect the usual:
• motivation and support
• daily accountability
• superfoods
• recipes and meal plans
• 30 minute workouts

BUT each day we will focus on specific tasks that will help us recharge – as parents, career women, stay at home moms, retirees, college students….anyone who wants to revive during the month of August and emerge newly focused and more inspired.

If you’re ready to make a change with people on a similar journey who will help you through it – we are SO READY for you! I will help you with everything you need to get registered. I cannot wait to spend some time slowing down and focusing on what matters most – making me a better mom, wife and friend. 

Fill Out This Form and I will contact you within 24 hours to get you set up!






Free Clean Eating Crockpot Challenge

Free Meal Plan& Grocery List(1)

Cooking clean, healthy food for your whole family can be a challenge. Add in a busy schedule, and it can seem downright impossible. Join me for a 5 day challenge filled with recipes and tips that will get you jumpstarted on a simple way to eat healthy!

People tend to think that eating clean, healthy, whole ingredient food is expensive and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be super easy, too! I supply you with a meal plan, recipes, and a grocery list to make it easy for you to feed your family. Click HERE to join the online event we start Monday August 8th!



Clean Eating 101

Summer Survival GuideHow’s your summer going? How’s your nutrition going? Stuck in rut with recipes? Really don’t like to make a meal plan or grocery list?……….Well let me help you next week.
My team is hosting a FREE Clean eating group right before we head off to Nashville!! We have five days of simple meals, recipes and grocery list all ready to go. Just send me an email at with the subject “Clean Eating 101”

Summer Slim Down Fitness & Nutrition Challenge with the New Tracker App!

the power of


Summer is here and I have a spectacular new Fitness and Nutrition Boot Camp coming up, but here is the catch…. I want you to practice the 80/20 rule!!! I don’t want you to go all crazy and give up every sweet treat or glass of wine!!! SAY WHAT?!?!?!?

YES… That is what I said! I want to teach you BALANCE!!! The KEY to long term weight loss and great nutrition is to find the balance between what you want and what YOU REALLY WANT!

It’s about making at least 30 minutes a day of exercise a priority and not feeling guilty for it! It’s about dialing in your nutrition, having amazing support, and a community that won’t let you fail!

No matter what you have going on in the next month, I am going to work with you! Vacations, weddings, weekend trips and more! I’ll teach you the tools to survive them all without undoing all your hard work!

I’m launching the Summer Slim Down Accountability & Support Group on the 27th of June!  For 28 days we are going to work together & I am going to share sample meal plans, give you recipes, meal ideas, snack ideas, daily accountability, motivation, a workout program that will fit your needs and ability level and well balanced nutrition!  You are going to have a community of support to answer your questions 24/7 and the most important thing is that this is MEANT TO BE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE AND NOT A CRASH DIET!  

This group will be run 100% via the FREE Beachbody Challenge Tracker App 

Why will this be awesome???
No need to log onto Facebook or even use a computer/tablet
The App allows you to track your workout, Shakeology, weight, goals, and so much more!
The App keeps you connected to me, you personal coach, and all of the other members of the group to help you stay motivated throughout the challenge
The App even reminds you to workout and drink your Shakeology everyday! I LOVE that part!!!

image1 (2)


As your coach, I’ll suggest the best program to help you reach your goals, share tons of resources, teach you how to meal prep, give you delicious recipes that your whole family will love and support you every step of the way!!!

So, if you are committed and ready to MAKE A CHANGE and you want support along the way then lets do this!

Email me at to join or to see more details and the information to register click HERE